Me & COVID-19

I am sure I am going to die from COVID-19. Two million are expected to die in the US before the emergency has slowed. I have so many pre-existing conditions, I don’t think I will last long if I get it.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

I fill 3 of those pieces of pie… the 3 largest.

Prep for the Kids

I made a document for my kids with my wishes for my body (donated to science and students) and with all my information to take care of my accounts and my writings, including the 3 memoirs and 1 psychological thriller going. I wish I could finish at least one, but it does not look like that is going to happen. I also wish I could say I am writing like Hamilton, “like he’s running out of time,” but for some reason, I am more immobilized than anything.

time covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Drama Queen

People think I am being morose or dramatic. I believe I am realistic. I am saying my I Love You’s and Thank You’s (to you all here, too!) and really am comfortable knowing my “affairs” are in order.

Meghann or Aimee will post here if I die. I will try to keep writing here at least until we know more.

death covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

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