Getting My Meds via Uber…

…was quite the adventure!


I put on purple Nitriles, packed some Lysol wipes in a Ziplock bag, messaged the Uber driver asking him to please roll all the windows down before I get in the car and then before getting into the car, wiped down handles, the edge of the window (where I always lay my arm) and the seat belt strap and clip.

cleaning Lysol covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

My drive-through pharmacy is 1 mile away.

My niece went with me and I wiped down anything she was going to touch, too.

We drove the 1 mile, sat waiting for our turn and the Uber driver had to handle the basket tube thing where the meds come from. He put on a latex glove to press the button.


At the Pharmacy Drive-Through

I watched the car before us be given the white basket that holds the acceptance paper and pen and told the guy behind the counter I was not touching the basket or pen and he sent the paper through alone. The driver handed me the paper, I used my own pen, and handed it back to him. He used his gloved hand to put it back in the flying basket thingie and hit the SEND button.

When the bag of my meds arrived, the driver handed it to me and I used a Lysol wipe to wipe down the bag before setting it down on my lap.

Lysol covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Once back home and out of the car, I started to clean off the car and the driver got out and had wipes and Lysol spray and cleaned if for me. I was very grateful he does that between each person. I tipped him good for even driving me to the pharmacy at all! Bless the Uber Drivers.

uber coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

Unpacking My Meds

When I got home, I cleaned off the table top with a Lysol wipe, changed my gloves and then took each item out of the grocery bag, then out of the sealed plastic bag and cleaned the bottle with a new wipe each time.

cleaning Lysol covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

After each wipe, I threw it in the garbage bin that has a bag in it. and when finished again, I took my gloves off, turned inside out of course, tossed them into the trash and put new gloves on again and closed the garbage bag and tossed it into the outdoor trash.

Coming in, I washed my hands and then grabbed the Lysol spray can with a wipe, cleaned the button with the wipe, then tossed the wipe and went around the house and sprayed all light switches and handles. I came back into my room, spraying around. Then I put gloves on one more time and used a Lysol wipe to clean my phone and computer keys. I cleaned my pill box top and bottom and after all that was done, I put my pills into my pill box.

meds coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

I took a nap after that. It was stressful.

And my throat hurts and I have a dry cough. Temperature 97.0 (always low). Just weird nervous. Could I be dead in a few days?

coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

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