Cancer Post-op Recovery

Surgery was Friday, August 21st and it went really well. The incision is much smaller than expected, so that was good, too.

I do not have the results back on whether they have all margins (meaning they got it all), but the doc is calling today so I can ask then.


One thing that was really weird was I was way bruised after this surgery. Not on the site, but my upper arms and right breast.

They are healing fast, but that first day they were bright purple.

This was the weirdest thing, though:

This is an open slice on my right underboob, the one that is the most bruised. What the heck happened here?


At first, I was amused. I think I was still high from surgery, though.

The 2nd day post-op, I began to cry looking at the bruises, especially the ones on my right breast, with the slice. I hesitate to call it “triggering,” but it definitely felt bad. What did someone do to me when I was under anesthesia that would cause these injuries?

More questions for the surgeon, whom I greatly respect and have zero intention of suing. I think mostly I want an apology.

Is that so bad?

Art by  turddemon

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