Still Here (Yay!)

I have been strangely upbeat the past few days. Even though one of my dear friends is sick and is waiting to see if it COVID-19. We are praying it is negative, but if he got it and that was it, that would be good, too, I guess? Hard to know what to think anymore.


pen Navelgazing Writer

I have not written on any of my books in ages. It’s odd, I thought if I knew I was going to die, I would not take my meds and become manic and write until I dropped dead from fatigue.

Instead, I am writing stuff for work, which is slower than slow, trying to get more clients. With everyone home (no privacy for many), being on lockdown, and the people out of work, paying a sex worker is pure luxury. I am now kicking myself HARD for not saving tons of money. But who could have known?

Living Wills

living-will-pen Navelgazing Writer

I read this article:

“As coronavirus spreads, more people thinking about end-of-life directives: Many are considering medical instructions, guardianship designations and other legal contingency plans.”

In the piece, they say:

“…recommends compiling beneficiary designations, life insurance policies, a list of passwords, key contacts, medical professionals and financial advisers in one place so someone who needs access to that information can find it easily.”

A quick search of “Living Will Coronavirus” came up with tons of sites for lawyers doing just that sort of thing.

It was relieving to see I am not alone in my paranoia about “getting my affairs in order.” I never really thought of others being just as scared as I am, but clearly, I am not alone.


I am reading (listening to Audible) at an astounding rate for not listening every waking moment. I try to listen even if only for a few minutes while I’m eating.

In the last couple of months, I have read:

straight lick Navelgazing Writer

Reading right now: Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick: Stories from the Harlem Renaissance by Zora Neale Hurston (this JUST came out and I LOVE IT! Love Zora Neale Hurston anyway, but these newly found short stories are amazing)

That would take me back to the beginning of January.

eyes Navelgazing Writer
Best book I’ve ever read in my life.

Reading, Not Writing

So apparently, I am going to spend my last days reading instead of writing. Have I already put down everything I need to say?

Not quite sure yet.







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