The Band You Never Want to Be In

Taylor Hawkins loved the band Queen. Taylor was the drummer in Foo Fighters who died at the age of 50 on March 25, 2022.

Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer, became such good friends with Taylor Hawkins, the Taylor family considers Hawkins as Roger’s son Rufus “Tiger” as his almost godson.” It was Freddie Mercury who gave Tiger his nickname; clearly, it stuck.

Freddie Mercury died November 24, 1991 when he was 45 and Tiger was eight months old.

I’m sure others figured this out a lot sooner than I did, but the close ties between the two bands, with Taylor Hawkins as the connector, has to be spooky in that Queen and the Foo Fighters each lost a beloved member who had been with them for over two decades.

What I hope is Roger Taylor and Brian May are a support for Dave Grohl (whose best friend was Taylor Hawkins) and the other Foo Fighters members as they grieve their drummer Taylor. What a sad club they belong to, with such an amazing connection being the wonderful Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins even shares a name with Roger and Tiger Taylor. 

My head spins as I consider it all. Theirs must as well.


This first video was made by the three remaining members of Queen… John Deacon, Brian May, and Roger Taylor… as a tribute to Freddie Mercury. It’s exquisitely, sadly, beautiful. It was the last video John Deacon ever did before retiring from Queen, and music, altogether. There was an enormous Tribute Concert for Freddie, but I wanted to share this kind gift his bandmates gave him privately.

Bring tissues.

This second video is from the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert held in London on September 3, 2022. Taylor’s 16-year old son Shane is featured as drummer in his dad’s place as they sang “My Hero.” 

I can’t watch this without chills or tears.

Again, I hope… no, am sure… each comforts the other… Queen and Foo Fighters.

I’m so glad they have been friends for so long.

Taylor Hawkins & BoRhap Connection

I spent much of the yesterday watching the Taylor Hawkins Tribute at Wembley Stadium. It was an amazing concert raising money for Music Support and MusiCares charities which were chosen by the Hawkins family. The concert was also a time of sharing so much love for Taylor who died in March 2022.

Taylor Hawkins Tribute
LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 16: Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders perform at Guitar Center’s 27th Annual Drum-Off at Club Nokia on January 16, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ashley Beliveau/Getty Images)

Who I Waited For

There were four people in particular I waited to watch. Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen (of course), Rufus “Tiger” Taylor (Roger Taylor’s son) and Wolfgang Van Halen (Eddie Van Halen‘s son). The wait was worth it.

I watched the Livestream, thank goodness, because all but tiny snippets are gone now, so I apologize if the links above have vanished by the time you read this. Videos are being taken down fast and furiously. The Powers That Be have blocked it all, so you will have to wait for the concert to be available online to buy. It’s worth it.

Taylor Hawkins & Queen Connection

Taylor’s first concert was Queen when he was 10-years old and he said that every concert he went to after that dimmed by comparison. He was a Queen encyclopedia… songs and trivia. Roger Taylor was his drum idol who became a friend. Brian May also became a friend and they all mixed their talents on several projects.

I’ve spent the morning watching Taylor Hawkins doing covers of Queen songs at his concerts and love them all so, so much.

Random Amazing Aftereffects

Therefore, I was hyped up yesterday after the concert and visited my mom via Uber. I was blabbing to the driver about how wonderful everyone was and it was clear how many loved Taylor Hawkins. The long-bearded, 20-something driver knew exactly who I was talking about.

I then started talking about how Brian May and Roger Taylor did a 5-song set with a variety of singers. I had not mentioned the name Queen yet, but the guy reaches over and puts on “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It was #1 in his playlist.

Duet with Queen

This guy, who could be my grandson, and I sang our hearts out to “BoRhap” which lasted almost all the way to my mom’s house. I imprinted the experience in my heart and mind because it was so random and so glorious. After the song, I regaled him with “Bohemian Rhapsody” trivia. He seemed to lap it up.

As I got out he said it was the best ride he had ever given and I told him that was good because it was the best ride I had ever taken.

He got a big fat tip.

I got a fantastic end to an amazing day.

Brian May
Brian May lights up the Taylor Hawkins Tribute by singing “Love of My Life” and asking for all the phones to light the stadium.