I Will Risk Dying to Vote

I have been an absentee ballot voter for many, many years.

absentee ballot Navelgazing Writer

Sure, I could have gotten to the polling place, they were always right near me, but I wanted to ponder the votes slowly.

  • Pro-choice?
  • Democrat?
  • Separation of Church and State?
  • Bigot?
  • Etc.

My Vote Counts Navelgazing Writer

Decision Time

But, if 45 is going to fuck up the Postal Service to ruin mail-in votes, thinking he will win by destroying absentee votes, he will not quash my vote.

Even though he has closed many of the polling places (as we watched the Red States do during primaries), thinking people will not stand in line to vote, he is quite mistaken.

If the USPS is not saved quickly, I  will vote in person. Pandemic be damned.

absentee ballot Navelgazing Writer

Risking My Life

I am in the highest risk categories for COVID-19… fat, diabetes, asthma, cancer… sure to die if I acquire the coronavirus, but I am willing to put my life on the line to vote in this election.

vote pandemic Navelgazing Writer

I will rent an electric wheelchair and have it delivered to the polling place, where I will meet it and then get in line to vote.

It is my right to vote in this election and I don’t give one fuck how much 45 tries to block me…



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