Queen Jammin’ Elton John

Had to share.

Poking around, I happened upon the end of the Live at Earl’s Court Arena from 6/6/77 when Queen was jammin’ in their second encore to Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright (for Fighting).” I never knew they covered the song and was mesmerized!

Below is the full concert, but “Saturday Night’s Alright” begins at 1:54:00.

Besides the incredible (seemingly) jamming session of these encore songs, there are a couple of things to point out.

  1. For the first time, Freddie isn’t outshining another singer’s clothing choice. Well, until he pulls down the top and bares his chest. Then he tops Elton John in every way.
  2. Watching Roger Taylor (on drums) shirtless/topless, shaking his long blonde hair back over and over again, and banging on those drums… I had to grab my vibe for that bit right there.
  3. John licking his fingers again and again to play his bass strings… I know a lot of people find it gross, but I would love to put my fingers in John’s mouth to feel that tongue. Just once.
  4. Brian without a musical plan and just making it up as he goes along is hilarious! I am used to his being 1000% on it and accurate. I love when he isn’t perfect.

What do you think of this short bit?

watching the whole concert now

I’ma Goin’ to See Queen!!

I am pinching myself thinking it can’t be real, but it seems it is.

Through an amazing stretch of events, my son is getting my oldest daughter and me tickets to see Queen + Adam Lambert when they are on tour in October later this year.

I saw Queen in 1978 when I was 17. I want to see Roger and Brian before any of us is gone.

Below is the short bit about their playing Death Scrabble. Anyone who plays Scrabble that hard (like I do!) is a legend in my book!

Oh yeah, they do play music, too. Wheeee!!!!