Winter Solstice 2022

Oh, praise the Goddess! It is finally the Winter Solstice! 

aaron-burden Winter Solstice
artist: Aaron Burden

I love this day because it means the dark begins to recede and light comes back to my life.

I Hate SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder sucks. I don’t think I have SAD very strongly living in Florida, but I have been sleeping so much it didn’t dawn on me until today why I am so blah.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I need to work a lot because I’m going to be gone for over a week and unable to work and work has been so slow as it is. This next paycheck is very sad. And the one after, even worse. And yet I keep sleeping. I tried sleeping in the chair, waiting for calls, but it’s a compulsion to sleep in the bed, covered with a blanket and comforter.

As I write that, I want to sign out of work and crawl back into bed.


Night, night.

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