Sting and I Tackled Writer’s Block

Whenever I see something about writers writing again after a lull because the muse wandered away, I watch it.

I stumbled on this YouTube TED Talk by Sting: How I started writing songs again.


It is comforting that Sting knows my experience, not just for a short time, but for those long years of nothingness.

It seems we all find our way back to the words in different ways. His was to go back to his childhood home where a shipyard was at the end of the street. (Watch the video at the bottom of this post; it’s an amazing story!)

Mine, apparently, is going to be through music. I could not have imagined that would happen in a billion years.


Music Has Always Been There

What is odd to me is I love music. I have an enormous collection of songs and albums on my Amazon Music and a long list of Playlists I have listened to hundreds of times, including Queen, Pink Floyd, and Sting. One would think my music likes would not have included any of those bands considering my new re-love of Queen and several others.

Queen’s iconic photo.

Why would seeing them on YouTube make a difference? Was it the Reaction Videos? People discussing the nuances of every song on an artist’s discography?

I Tried with Artist Dates

I went through a phase of poring through Google Arts and Culture about two years ago, for a year. I was trying to do what The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron suggested to get one’s creativity pouring out again.

“An artist date is a block of time, perhaps two hours weekly, especially set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist.”

— The Artist’s Way, page 18

Artist's Way

I could not go out to see museums or art shows or listen to orchestras, but I could do that online with Google Arts and Culture. I drove my daughter crazy showing her pictures that caught my attention or museums I wanted her to take my grandchildren to.

Notre Dame
Visiting Notre Dame
Darwin's Finches
Darwin’s Finches
Witch Pot Laura Donefer
A Witch Pot by Laura Donefer

YouTube Art & Culture

YouTube also has intricate art and culture videos. One can not only go on endless museum tours, which are all great, but you can listen to hundreds of world-renowned orchestras playing an infinite number of pieces. We can watch ballets, learn about writing Cyrillic script, go on archeological digs, and see hundreds of thousands of excursions and artistic expressions our ancestors could only dream of.

I do watch some of that, but it has not caught my spirit the way rock music has.

Rock music is my muse.

Creativity Reborn Through Evolution

If I were younger, I would have been on YouTube, no question.

But I am not young. I write instead of talk about my inner thoughts and observations.

I am suspecting being able to watch others use their creativity in a way I cannot but would love to, has spurred my mind to find… re-find… its writing ability again. I’m having to think in new ways, write about new things, and am getting quite a kick out of all of it.

If you’re a writer, please write about your writer’s block/stumbling blocks. You’ll be writing again, even for those few minutes.

I have Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 playing at this moment (which he wrote when he was completely deaf. I learned that on YouTube, too!).

Join me, won’t you?

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