My Mighty Macro

I used to be a really good photographer.

CA Screamin Barb Herrera

I sold my beautiful Canon 5D camera and the several lenses I had when I needed money and now I miss them.

My daughter told me people take photos with the cameras on their phones instead of SLR cameras now. She said it’s a whole profession on its own. I looked it up and sure enough, there are pro photographers using their (high quality) phones to take everything from wedding photos to nature shots. And damn, do they look great!

I have an old phone that needs updating and looked to see what the best Samsung phone would be for a photographer and it would cost me $800 out of pocket before I even began paying for the phone on installments, so that was nixed right away.

I really loved my zoom and macro lenses. Looking at the prices, macros were incredibly inexpensive. $40 for a macro and wide angle lens with a light. I snapped that right up from Amazon.

Immediately, I started taking macro pics again.

I started with flowers on the dining room table.

Flowers Barb Herrera

Flowers Barb Herrera

Flowers Barb Herrera

Yesterday, I found a mushroom in the yard. It was the first time I’d seen one there, so I ran out and grabbed it, picked up my phone, put the macro lens on and these are a couple of pics I took.

Mushroom Barb Herrera

Mushroom Barb Herrera

It feels great using my photographer’s eye again.

I am saving up for the zoom lens.

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