Calling All OG Birth Bloggers (Navelgazing Midwife Wants You!)

I, Barb Herrera, am finally coming out of my midwifery coma, 10+ years of ignoring everything birthy, and now I’m feeling very alone. Sure, it was of my own making, but I am aching for reconnection with several other OG birth bloggers that have to still be around somewhere.

  • Sage Femme – Pamela Hines-Powell
  • Red Spiral
  • Dark Daughta
  • Shyla
  • At Your Cervix
  • Housefairy
  • Kneeling Woman
  • Doulicia
  • VBAC Facts
  • Emory Student Midwife/studentnursemidwife

If you read my old blog Navelgazing Midwife, please touch base if you are so inclined.

There is a reason behind my madness. 

4 thoughts on “Calling All OG Birth Bloggers (Navelgazing Midwife Wants You!)

  1. I was a Navelgazing Midwife reader. I was dipping into the birth world as a Doula after my eldest was born. They are now almost 14!


  2. Carol! SO wonderful to talk to you again! Can you believe how old our kids are? I have 5 grandbabies now! I an formulating a questionnaire (I know, I should have it already!) that I will put on the site and it would be great if you could take a few minutes and fill it out. You can always email it to me, too. I will try it get it out by the end of the month. Thanks SO much for touching base! I am so happy you did.


  3. I used to read all of those, and yours too! I’ve often wondered what happened to many of them. Your writing was really influential in my path, and I have used your phrase “if you buy the hospital ticket, you go for the hospital ride” many times over the years. I’m in midwifery school now…but I started reading your blog in 2008ish I think? Sometime after the birth of my first child anyways. I miss the blogosphere from those days. It was a smaller, friendlier internet.

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    1. How wonderful to see you! I have seen comments from you as I’m culling the posts. I am so honored you remember me and some things that I said. You cannot know how thrilled I am that you are in midwifery school. Happily, 13 women that I know about have said they became midwives from reading blogs like mine. And here you are, number 14! Thank you so much. And yes, the blogosphere was a different place back then. Seems like a few moments ago, but was really almost 20 years now. My oldest turns 40 in a couple of weeks! I wrote his birth story when he turned 21 on my blog. Time, she is a whirlwind. Avital, blessings to you and please stay in touch!


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