Reflections of Earth

I owe you all a Reflection of Aire, but this came out first.

Last night’s Intuition celebrated the wonders of the Earth and Earthly bodies. I know the earth well, so knew this would not be a difficult experience. I did, however, go places I did not expect to and now I will take you with me. (And if you think I am crazy, so be it!)

I was a midwife, doula and monitrice for 32 years, catching about 900 babies and watching even more born through the decades.

So, when I started traveling through time during the meditation, it was not shocking, but surprising that I wandered as a midwife. I walked so many places, barefoot, my feet muddy and toenails chipped and caked with mud.

I walked to wooden houses, mud huts, spaces around a fire with no covering at all. I was walking from my mind’s eye. I did not watch myself, but was looking out my eyes as I moved around. I did not catch any babies during the meditation, but was “With Woman” as counselor, curandera, spiritual leader, doula.

And then I moved even further back, an early human, lots of hair, but upright and in caves. The fire outside the opening kept the animals from approaching the wetness of birth, the blood and fluids that sank into the earth and, subsequently, added to the designs on my feet as I was finished with my time with the family.

I easily went further back, walking on knuckles and feet, knowing I was a gorilla one moment, a chimpanzee another. I wandered as a great ape, not as a midwife, but as a mother myself. Alone, but not lonely, laboring alone and as I birthed, I birthed my Self.

photographer: Barb Herrera

What a beautiful experience.

2 thoughts on “Reflections of Earth

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I can imagine writing this only covers a tiny bit of the depth of this experience. It sounds exquisite and a testiment to your roots as an ancient midwife. And 900 births is absolutely astounding! I don’t think I’ve heard of any other midwife with that many births under their belt in one lifetime!


  2. Thank you for your very sweet and generous replay, my dear friend and healer. It really was amazing. I did not write about the temperatures, the humidity factors, the sounds I heard (lots of squishing and crunching under my always bare feet). I heard the crackling fires, the languages I do not recognize in this time… the “feelings” I got from the others or that I felt in others. It really was exquisite, you are right.

    And I am flattered you think 900 babies in a lifetime is a lot, but so many midwives have done far more than that. That does not minimize my numbers, but the numbers, as you know, are SO not the issue… just a bragging point of context. One birth seen/felt/had gives as much wisdom as the decades of mine.

    I love you!


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