Disappointment & Bliss


After ALL that processing of the upcoming surgery, the surgeon’s office called me and canceled, rescheduling for March 30. That Malignant Melanoma best keep itself in check until I can get it melon-balled out.

The cancellation was not a total bust though because I ordered my own Bariatric Gowns and will be able to bring my own on the 30th. Wheee!!


I have been trying to get the COVID Vaccine since I decided to get it about a month ago. While I am not in the age range, I am extremely high risk health-wise. If I got COVID, I would be gone soon after.

So, it was with enormous joy when I got an appointment at a pharmacy close to my house for Thursday evening!!

Dojo Bliss Art

I thought and considered, long and hard, the pros and cons of a vaccine that was so new, but the odds were against me if I did not get the shot. Wayyyyy against me.

So I am giddy with happiness!

2 thoughts on “Disappointment & Bliss

  1. Got mine Saturday, as did my wife, sister and brother-in-law. It was Pfizer #1. No problems. Wife experienced some tiredness post inoculation. My 95 year old stepmother has had both doses. She has had no problems. This doesn’t mean you won’t, but a little positive information is always good to know.


  2. You are right there! Almost all of the people I know have either had a “Rest Day” (with pain, malaise, fever) after the first or second, rarely both. I am not worried. As long as I don’t die, I can deal with it. I am glad everyone in your life is participating! I can’t get my mom to get the shots for anything… she is “waiting for the one shot” and no amount of explaining she will probably never know which she will be getting when she gets in a line, she is determined to have one shot. I hope she gets her wish!


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