My Skepticism is Showing

I am reading about Chakras because according to Michael Singer in The Untethered Soul, they are a way to open my heart, which, I will admit, feels completely surrounded by a cement silo.

I was really woo woo back in the 80s and 90s. I read every Louise Hay book, read Women Who Run with the Wolves, practically memorized The Four Agreements and for awhile, even believed The Secret (“to think is to create”). Then I spent a long time studying Judaism, thinking that was where I would end up spiritually. Technicalities trumped my desires and I pretty much tossed out all “spiritual” needs and desires.

So now I am reading about Chakras and I cannot help but think, “This is hoo hoo woo woo.” I did find this image (below) in A Non-Woo-Woo Guide to the Seven Chakras and she had some decent stuff to say, but it was a tiny moment of setting aside my cynicism to read it.

This really is a challenge for me, this spirituality stuff. I am reading what I can, listening to YouTube videos, and even talking to friends and really feel I am struggling with the whole concept. Can someone so ingrained in numbers and science and a belief in chemistry find their way into this realm? Are there doctors who believe in chakras? Are there biologists who open their hearts when they feel fear?

Am I destined to live a soul-less life?

4 thoughts on “My Skepticism is Showing

  1. Skepticism lives in the mind. To me the spiritual journey has been a journey downward and inward. Moving through each chakra if you will to reach the very root of who we are. From that depth we rise into the who we are without the trauma conditioning from the past.

    I like to notice the resistance and think about whats there for me. Why so much tension around going inward to see who I am? Why so much resistance to see my truth? Science cannot reveal to you who you are. You can’t read about it in a book. You can’t learn who you are. You have to be willing to see yourself and all the darkness.

    “Today I am willing” is a mantra I like to use when I feel myself struggling.
    For me it means I’m open to learning what I don’t know I don’t know.

    It creates an opening for light to come into the darkest places I’ve hid from myself.

    Find time to rest and the universe will do its magic. Sometimes the struggle to understand keeps our minds active and busy and keeps us from what we’re wanting to see most.


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