John Lewis’ Challenge

Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation: Though I am gone, I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe.

John Lewis.

Each day I wonder if this will be the day I am inhaling the coronavirus, sending me off to be a statistic on the nightly news. I have been sitting, not writing, mostly waiting, to see when the end will arrive.

And Then Today…

I watched the funeral for John Lewis and saw, really for the first time, how his fingerprints are on an almost unlimited number of moments of the last 65 years.

What is the highest calling of my heart and how can I stand up for what I truly believe?


Writing is the highest calling of my heart. I have so many stories to tell that are going to die with me when the time comes.

I have hundreds of birth stories to share.

I have so many stories about my observations, while not as momentous as John Lewis’ but they are mine, nevertheless.

Just Write Already





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