My Sense of Smell is Back!

I am baffled.

But will be so so so happy if you all call me the most alarmist hypochondriac in the Universe.

I will gladly wear the label.

2 thoughts on “My Sense of Smell is Back!

  1. Your mind is a very powerful thing. I’m glad your sense of smell is back. I read today that many people are testing for antibodies of the virus already. I believe that you’re strong. You’ve beaten worse. Keep believing that you’re immune and dont let thoughts of your illness take over your life. You have many people that love you and want to see you fight. My family prays for your peace and wellness everyday. Bless you.


    1. You are right! Cocci was a kick ass disease they swore I would die from. HAHA! I showed them! How great it is to feel better, I am telling you what. I am NOT watching the news. Disney+ for me! And reading Mists of Avalon. Magical books = good thing. Thank you for always being so positive! I NEED YOU in my life!


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