I Got a New Bed!

I know you are thinking, “So what?” Well, it is a HUGE deal to me because I am a fat girl and the previous bed was nearly a hammock from my big butt on it for 4 years.

So I researched beds for fat folks and settled on Big Fig.

I took a nap on it… well, 2 of them so far… and I love it more than I could have imagined.

The main reason, besides comfort, that I needed a new bed is because, when I am sick, I spend a LOT of time in the bed and one that is easy on my body will help me rest more.

Here is a cutaway of the bed so you can see how really different the bed is… so many inner springs, many slats in the boxspring and several rails on the metal frame. Made so much stronger than regular beds. And a 20-year warranty!


And no, they are not paying me to talk about them.

I will let you know what a full night’s sleep is like soon.


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