Memories Flood My Brain…

… and my fingers struggle to keep up.


I am writing.

I am up writing at 4am each morning, here, on this blog, what I call my Vanilla Side, writing hundreds of words before having to sign into work about 2pm…then begin writing erotica (porn!) on what I call my Kinky Side… all while fielding calls and hoarsely nudging men and women to their orgasms. I am usually working until midnight or so.

So, while I look up on the Activity Bar, I see SIX open blog pages, all having at least 300 words on them already, a couple double that.

After years of my Word Drought, this is a “problem” I am comfortable having. I just felt compelled to share with you all that, while nothing is popping up in your feed, behind the scenes, I am a typing fool!


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