From femme Dyke to Sapiosexual

Yes, I know… I just wrote a post on being a femme Dyke, but it has been quite the mental mind-fuck being in love with a man… my fawn. I’ve actually been playing with men for a long time, but still always identified as a femme Dyke. But now, being in love with a cisman, I can no longer ignore the big penis in the middle of the room.

So, I am officially coming out Sapiosexual.



  1. Liking any person without being sexually discriminative, because of their wisdom, smarts and your shared learnings.
  2. A form of sexual orientation characterized by a strong attraction to intelligence in others, often regardless of gender and/or conventional attractiveness

Sapiosexuality Isn’t Gender Oriented

This alone is my saving grace for the heterosexual sex I have been having in the past and present. For the first time in about 5 years, I feel at peace with my choice of label for my sexuality.

Let the brain fucking begin!

brain kiss

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