Fat Girl Stories: Chafing

Lifelong Fatty

Fat bride in 1982, surely chafed, even in December.

I grew up in Orlando, Florida.

Walking to and from school for 12 years. Marching in the band during summer and fall… for hours…for 6 years. Pregnant with my first (who was born in October) while gaining 80 pounds. In the Florida heat and humidity then, too.

I was a chafing fool.

A Variety of Chafing Locations

So being fat, I swear I chafed in the gamut of places on the body one could rub two pieces of flesh together.

  • Under-boob
  • Under pannus
  • Thighs
  • Underarms

Before Chafing Solutions Existed

Baby Powder

Baby Talcum Powder Container

It took 60 seconds walking outside for the powder to become a paste







Chafing SUCKS!

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