Anemia: Iron Infusions Begin

I’ve been anemic for years.


I had the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass in 2001. Immediately, I was responsible for taking a handful of supplements to:

  • keep my iron up
  • keep my B12 up (part of iron, I know)
  • take care of calcium in my body
  • make sure I got all sorts of micro-nutrients

I admit, I slacked over the years.

I have had chronic anemia for over a decade, it finally running to a hemoglobin of 9 a few months ago, unresponsive to oral meds (liquid and pills). I also have osteoporosis.


I welcomed the malabsorption in the beginning, loving the knowledge that lots of my food was just flowing through. Until I learned that was not what was going on.

Now I’m paying for it.

Iron Deficiency Exhaustion

I do not even know what it’s like to not be exhausted. Or to walk not-very-far and be gasping for breath. I am always wanting a “nap.” It’s all become a normal part of my life.

Hematology for the Win!

I finally saw a Hematologist a couple of weeks ago. She was amazing. She jumped up on the exam table, crossed her legs so she was tailor sitting and listened to me rattle off my medical history for the next 20 minutes. Interactive, looking into my eyes and knowing exactly what questions to ask… she was really one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen.

Once I shut my mouth, it didn’t take 30 seconds for her to say, “I think we need to start iron infusions next week. We’ll bring you in once a week for the next 6 weeks.” I was giddy with excitement and let her know how happy I was.

My Labs

That day, 8 vials of blood were taken and my abnormal labs are this:

  • WBC: 11.1 – Normal Range: (4.5 – 11.0)
  • ANC: H 8.3 – (1.3 – 8)
  • Hgb: L 9.5 – (12-16)
  • Hct.: L 29.5 – (36 – 48)
  • RDW: L 7.7 – (11.5 – 14.5)
  • Platelets: H 545 – (150 – 450)
  • Monocytes: L 0.8 – (1.1 – 7.4)
  • UIBC: H 419 – (13 – 46)
  • Ferritin: L 4 – (20 – 200)
  • Iron Sat %: L 7.7 – (25 – 35)
  • B12: L 208 – (<450)





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