This is Not a Drill: CDC’s 7 “Forbidden Words”










The Washington Post relayed the information from a CDC & Trump Administration meeting Thursday night, December 14, 2017 that when the CDC presents their upcoming budget paperwork, they are forbidden to use the above 7 words.

I thought this was fake, ran to Snopes… nope. It is real. Checked Twitter. Real. Checked valid news agencies. Real.

I’m shaking I’m so angry… and even scared… of what this administration is doing to our democracy. By forbidding words, it is no longer a democracy.

Democracy has been dying since Trump took office.

Treating science as a matter of opinion rather than an objective, evidence-based reality appears to have become a hallmark of the Trump administration, particularly when it comes to climate change. So, too, is scrubbing certain words and information from discussions, documents and websites that don’t fit with Donald Trump’s vision. The Department of Health and Human Services has dropped information on its website about LGBTQ individuals.”

Orwellian Dystopia

This edict is one of the most terrifying things that have happened and are surely not the last we will see.

We cannot sit quietly and let this happen. I know many many people have been out protesting, but we have to find another way to be heard.

I am apoplectic… and hope you are, too.


4 thoughts on “This is Not a Drill: CDC’s 7 “Forbidden Words”

  1. Have you seen (or read) The Handmaid’s Tale? I was horrified when I recently saw the series on Hulu, but a part of me feels it’s actually a possibility. I have never in my nearly 54 years been so afraid of what is going to happen for the rest of my life, for my children, my grandchildren.

    I despise the monsters hell bent on destroying our country.


    1. I have not seen Handmaid’s Tale, but have heard the comparison before. (Sadly) I am glad I am not alone in my terror for our Democracy and the world’s continued existence. I think we can huddle together. I like to think we can, anyway.

      heavy sigh


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