Skin Infections (Ugh)

(Rehashing of some stuff, I know.)

Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch

I had an iron infusion on October 11th. I receive Solu-Medrol (a steroid) beforehand, but as it wore off over the next day, I began itching. Now, this was my 6th infusion… my first allergic reaction.

I began scratching. And scratching. I took 50 mg. Benadryl. Then 30 min later, another 50 mg. I kept itching. I was using my sharp nails, digging into my skin. I couldn’t reach my back, so used scissors to get the itchies there. Some of this was in the middle of the night; the part with the scissors, I was awake and sitting up.


Then I went to lay down again and saw a couple of (big) blobs of blood on the sheet and thought, “I probably should go to the hospital!” So I did.

ER Visit

It had to have been one of the most crowded times I’d ever been at this hospital (where they practically know me by name). They couldn’t even get me into a room for over an hour. I was bleeding all over by that point.

The doc came in quickly (yay!) and they gave me a Bolus of Benadryl, some IV Pepcid (which apparently has an anti-itch property) and a nice bag of Solu-Medrol.

It took about 10 minutes when the itching on my arms, legs, hands, belly and feet stopped feeling like I had bugs crawling out of my skin, but my back and head and face kept up almost unabated.


I got off the table, IV still in place, and poked around the room looking for something long and sharp to scratch with. Not one damn thing. Fuck. I sat on the bed and rubbed back and forth, back and forth… and clawed at my face and head some more.

When the IV was done, I was detached, given Rx’s for prednisone, Pepcid and told to take lots of Benadryl. I went home and scratched with the scissors until I fell asleep from so much Benadryl.

It took 2 more days for the itching to chill out. I was so thankful when it did.


Residual Issues

Now we are almost 4 weeks out and many of my scratches are still open, two gaping and not doing well at all. The Endo yesterday didn’t seem surprised considering my BGs have been so crazy with all the prednisone I have taken over the last month.


The wound on my belly is the worst and she used a silver nitrate stick to help with wound healing, then the nurse dressed it. She did the same on my right upper arm… silver nitrate, then dressed. She said she wants to see it in a week and we will decide on antibiotics… holding off on those because 1) I am getting more and more allergic to medications (which at the moment are: Penicillin, Codeine, Azo, Flagyl and whatever was in the iron infusion) 2) they will give me yeast and fuck with my BGs some more. We will try topical first.

The Endo also said I have to see Podiatry for the Neuropathy in my feet. I have a call in to my Primary Care Provider (PCP) for that. And just have to suck it up with the diarrhea at the moment. I will ask my PCP for help beyond Immodium and Lomotil.

I go to the Hematologist tomorrow… am supposed to have an iron infusion, but we’ll see what the plan is for someone allergic to it.

Argh! I am so tired of being allergic to stuff!


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